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Methacton Girls Youth Lacrosse Program

Methacton Girls Youth Lacrosse Sponsors:

For info on equipment and purchases specializing in the Girls game visit:

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Popular Lacrosse Sites

High School Lacrosse

College Lacrosse

Girls Youth Lacrosse

Professional Lacrosse




Sports Facilities

Sports Equipment and Specialty Items

Native American/History


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Popular Lacrosse Sites                                                                                        Back to top

    U.S Lacrosse  -  www.lacrosse.org
    Inside Lacrosse - www.insidelacrosse.com
    Lax Power - www.laxpower.com
    Lax.com - www.lax.com
    LaxLinks - www.laxlinks.com
    E-Lacrosse - www.e-lacrosse.com
    Crease Monkeys Lacrosse - www.creasemonkeys.com

High School Lacrosse                                                                                             Back to top     

   PA Area Schoolgirls Lacrosse Association - www.paslax.org
   Central PA Lacrosse(Mid-Penn) - www.centralpalax.com
   WesternPA scholastic Lacrosse Association - www.wpsla.org
   laxscout.gif (2370 bytes) - www.laxscout.com  -   talent exposure

College Lacrosse                                                                                                     Back to top    

   Philly NCAA Championship - www.faceoffphiladelphia.com
   National College Lacrosse League - www.ncllax.org
   NCAA Women's Lacrosse Statistics - www.ncaa.org
   NCAA Mens Lacrosse Statistics - www.ncaa.org
   Western Collegiate Lacrosse Association - www.well.com

Girls Youth Lacrosse                                                                                               Back to top        

                 Methacton Girls Youth Lacrosse - www.methactonlax.org   

                 Greater Chester Valley Girls Lacrosse - www.gcvsa.org

Professional Lacrosse                                                                                               Back to top

              philly_primary_web.gif (10177 bytes)  The Philadelphia Barrage -   www.philadelphiabarrage.com         

                Major League Lacrosse - www.majorleaguelacrosse.com

                National Lacrosse League - www.nll.com

Umpires/Officials                                                                                                      Back to top         

                PA and DEL Lacrosse Officials Association - www.pdloa.org

Tournaments                                                                                                            Back to top  

Cockeysville Lacrosse Invitational - www.cockeysvillelax.com
USTC Tournaments  Upper Atlantic Tournament - www.go2ustc.com/lax/tournaments.shtml
Lax Max - www.laxmax.com/
Kevin Finneran Youth tournament  http://www.chocolatetownshootout.com
Liberty Lacrosse Shootout  - June 12-13 http://www.libertylacrosse.com

Camps                                                                                                                       Back to top     

  STX Champ Camp - www.champcamp.com
  STC Camps - www.go2ustc.com/lax/camps.shtml
  Skill Session: USTC - www.go2ustc.com/lax/clinicsGirlsSpring2003.shtml
Elite Lacrosse - www.elite-lacrosse.com/
  The Governor's Cup - www.thelacrosseinstitute.com
  Finncrosse - www.finncrosse.com
  International Girls Lacrosse Camp - www.girlslacrosse.net/
  MVP Lax Camps - www.mvplaxcamps.com/
  US Lax Camps - www.uslax.com/
  Philadelphia Wings Lacrosse Camps - www.wingslaxcamps.com
  The Lacrosse Institute - www.thelacrosseinstitute.com
  All Pro Lax Camps - www.allprolaxcamps.com
  Net Minders Goalie School - http://hometown.aol.com/jpl4chlax/

Sports Facilities                                                                                                        Back to top         

  Action Sports - www.actionsportsonline.com
  United Sports Training Center - www.go2ustc.com
   Tristate Sports (Aston) - www.tristatesports.com
   Rocket Sports (Wayne) - www.rocketsports.com
   Lanco Fieldhouse (Lancaster County) - www.lancofieldhouse.com

Sports Equipment and Specialty Items

Bacharach - www.bacharach.com
Brine Lacrosse - www.brine.com
GB Lax - www.gblax.com/default_IE4.asp
Great Atlantic Lacrosse - www.lacrosse.com/
Lacrosse Specialties - www.lacrossespecialties.com
Lacrosse Unlimited - www.lacrosseunltd.com
Lax Shopper - www.laxshopper.com
Lightning wear -
Six Tribes - www.sixtribes.com/home.htm
Sports Helmets - www.sporthelmets.com/
STX Lacrosse - www.stxlacrosse.com/
Warrior Lacrosse - www.warriorlacrosse.com/


Native American/History Links                                                                                     Back to top  

   Haudenosaunee Lacrosse - www.peace4turtleisland.org/pages/lacrosse.htm

   Iroquois Web Resources - www.cybercom.net/~jham/civilized/iroquois.htm

   Lacrosse Stick/Tools of the Trade - www.e-lacrosse.com/na/ven.htm

   Native American Resources - www.e-lacrosse.com/na.htm

   Oneida Nation - oneida-nation.net/lacrosse.html

   Onondaga Redhawk Lacrosse -- www.redhawkslax.com/index.html

   History of Lacrosse Article  -  www.smithsonianmag.si.edu/smithsonian/issues97/dec97/object_dec97.html

   Thomas Vennum (Author) - http://tvennum.com/magic2.htm

   Traditional Wooden Lacrosse Sticks - www.tuscaroraschool.org/lacrosse.htm